What is the New Black?

Obsessive Comparing Disorder

The "new" OCD is the new black. Obsessive Comparison Disorder that is. I read this phrase recently (coined by Paul Angone) and was struck by how pervasive and detrimental constant comparing is. 

Paul writes, People used to go to their 10-year reunion and have to make it appear for one night that their life was amazing beyond belief. Now, we’re trying to pull that appearance off every second of every day. It is an impossible, crazy-making, endeavor.” 

Have you been noticing that too?

Here are 3 Ways to Cure Obsessive Comparison Disorder.

  1. Awareness. Knowledge is power! Knowing about the OCD "siren song" will keep it on your radar so you can avoid a major shipwreck.
  2. Limit your facebook, web-surfing and social media time. These things fuel our OCD. Limit them, limit your OCD.
  3. Gratitude. A daily habit of reflecting on 3 things you are grateful for is a total game-changer. 

OCD can be a major mood killer, stress enhancer and productivity black hole.

Practice The 3 Cures to shore up your defenses and stay your course!