Effective and Convenient Anxiety Treatment

I'm the get 'er done kinda gal which means I am totally interested in helping you reach your goals. Meeting once a week, 50 minutes, for 10 sessions and you will see serious results. I'm all for scaffolding changes so if you'd like daily emails for support or reflection, those are included too.

Our session conversations are driven by what you feel is most pressing. Whether it is in terms of problem solving around your anxiety or working towards your overall goals with what's going on in your life, or anything else in between.

But that's not to say I don't come without my clipboard of questions I want to ask and skills I want to teach. I view our work as a partnership and because time is precious, I want every minute to count!

Send me an email. Let's schedule your first meeting and get you feeling better. Quickly fill out the form is at the bottom of this page.  

Or if you would like to ask me some questions first, get more information please email me at eileen@eileenpurdy.com.

You can come to my office (1637 28th St. Boulder, CO 80301), Skype me on your commute home, call me during your morning walk on the trails or any way in between. The goal is to have you feeling better and finding success a.s.a.p. 


EIleen Purdy