Tell me something I DON'T know....

In addition to helping with our anxiety, regular slow, deep rhythmic breathing has been connected to improved digestion, pain relief, better circulation, lower blood pressure, stimulating the lymphatic system and many other integral parts of our overall health and wellbeing.

That is the part you know.

Here's the part you may not...

I’m going to describe something you've done a billion times but still may not really know about....HOW to breathe. 

And you aren't alone.  

The fact is, almost everyone gets into habits of poor breathing!

Optimal breathing should use your abdomen, not just your chest. It should be deep, slow and rhythmic and done through the nose, not the mouth. When you breathe deeply your diaphragm muscle pull your lungs down, so that they expand and so that you can really circulate oxygen down into the whole lung. You also want to make sure you breathe out by pulling your belly button toward your spine as if it is pushing out all the air.  

Regular, slow, deep breathing naturally relaxes the mind and body by allowing better communication with our nervous system. With this improved communication we become much more connected with our bodies and in doing so, our breathing works to recalibrate our body’s anxiety system.