You are the average of...

Average of Five Mindsets

You are the average of your five mindsets you spend the most time with.  Wait, something doesn’t sound right about that. And yet, something sounds totally right about that. The late John Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." I think the same can be said for what goes on in your mind.

Think about the top five mindsets that run through your head on a daily basis. Sometimes specific thoughts and phrases are tough to think of on the spot. Let’s start with something easier. Think of the five feelings you have most throughout the day. Gratitude? Joy? Resentment? Pressure? Uncertainty?

If we were to rewind our day’s events in slow mo we would discover that it was specific thoughts that actually triggered these feelings. “My boss is a jerk”, “My daughter is so adorable”, “I heard there was going to be another round of layoffs again”, “My grant was accepted!”

  • Take away  #1: Become more aware of what you are thinking during the day.
  • Take away #2: Choose five good ones to surround yourself with most often.