The Queen of Negative Predictions

Negative predictions

I remember when I realized there was a technical name for it. Making “negative predictions”. Expecting not to enjoy a party, check. Expecting to feel too tired to exercise, check. Expecting that your boss won't like an idea, etc., check, check. They oozed out so naturally that I never really took time to think about them.

Saying I was prone to “negative predictions” seemed like an understatement. But I always thought that that was just me. My personality. Just the way I was.

In my defense, it wasn’t like I was a Debbie Downer. As a matter of fact my friends and coworkers would have been shocked to learn of this personality trait of mine.

Well, as it turns out this is pretty common. And I definitely wasn’t up a creek without a paddle.

“Negative predictions” are highly treatable because they are simply habits. Like all bad habits, you just have to notice that you are doing it. Then switch your focus to something else. 

Now, before you totally discount this as being oversimplified know that the act of totally discounting something because it seems to simple is a well documented universally human thinking error. Nothing more than a  deceptive brain message. So please, let it sink in this time and start trying.

  • Take away #1: At any moment, at every moment, you can choose what to focus on.
  • Take away #2: When you notice you are making “negative predictions” simple let yourself know that your brain is sending a deceptive message. Discount your negative prediction, and turn your focus.