5 Questions to Ask Yourself when you Start to Feel Anxious.

No stone unturned


There are definitely a bunch of things you could ask yourself when you start to feel anxious but here are 5 questions that might actually be helpful.

  1. Have I recently had too much caffeine? Caffeine has it’s good sides but too much of even a good thing is too much. Green tea, herbal tea or decaf might be a good afternoon option.

  2. Am I consuming too much refined sugar? Even if you don’t feel it, refined sugar can cause a rapid boost in mood followed by a crash with symptoms of...you guessed it, anxiety. If that is the case for you, see if you can cut back.

  3. Have I taken on too much today, this week, for the foreseeable future? Our abilities to juggle everything definitely can wax and wane. Just because you can handle a ton of stuff one day doesn’t necessarily mean you can handle it for a week straight. It’s nothing to get down on yourself for, just check in and see if you’ve overextended. Mental note it and cut back where you can next time.

  4. Was it something I ate? Food sensitivities are gaining more recognition and research backing these days. It’s hard to stay on top of every new food to try or not try, especially when there is a ton of contradictory information out there. That being said, there is some research to suggest that gluten may make you more likely to experience anxiety. Check back to your last meal/snack and see if there might be a correlation.

  5. How is my sleeping? Okay here is a total chicken and egg conundrum. Sleep deprivation has been found to increase worry and anxiety. Well, convenient because worry and anxiety have been found to increase sleep deprivation. All this is to say, think about the quality of sleep you had last night if you start feeling anxiety. If you don’t put priority on good sleep, it might be time to start.

Figuring out the symptoms of our anxiety are pieces to the overall puzzle. Try not to leave any stone unturned, it could be the missing one!

  • Takeaway #1: Reflecting on behaviors, not thoughts, can give you some insight into your anxiety too.
  • Takeaway #2: Without too much trouble you can tweak some things in your diet to see how they impact your anxiety.