Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Mountain Living

Entrepreneur and Mountain life van.jpg

It wasn’t surprising for me to discover such a large number of entrepreneurs and small business owners living up here in Nederland when I started the monthly meetup group for women. Mountain people and entrepreneurs in many ways seem to be cut from the same cloth.

Here are some similarities I’ve found.

  • Both don’t shy away from hard work. We’re willing to roll up our shirt sleeves and do what needs to be done. Even when it’s particularly “breezy” out there. Speaking of...

  • “Breezy”. Entrepreneurs and mountain dwellers know the power of the reframe. Challenges or difficulties are ‘reframed’ in a way that puts less emphasis on the negative and supports forward motion. The word delusional might be a little too strong but you get the idea.

  • Both groups are self-sufficient but know the value of having relationships with others. Successful businesses don’t occur in a vacuum and mountain living requires the ability to lean on neighbors in a pinch. Both are built on relationships.

  • Both groups are passionate and don’t settle. We choose to live in a beautiful environment and we choose to create our own jobs and jobs for others. Something deep calls from within and we respond.

  • Lastly, both being an entrepreneur and living in the mountains can be tough and unpredictable. Perseverance and flexibility are routinely called upon. Learning tips of the trade from more experienced folks can be invaluable.

Can you think of other similarities?