5 Signs Your Anxiety is Officially Ruining Your Life and 3 Things to Do

Anxiety and denial.jpg

Denial ‘aint just a river in Egypt!

Nope, denial is alive and well all around us, and maybe even inside us. I know having people point things out to us is no match for our denial, but sometimes it hits us at the right time and in the right place to give us a needed glimmer. A reality check.

Check out the list below and see if anything glimmers. This might be just the right time and place for you.

  1. You rarely have moments of feeling calm or settled anymore. Even on vacations or times when others are enjoying themselves.

  2. You hate feeling crazy yet you’re almost resigned to the ups and downs of anxiety.

  3. People close to you are tired of it too. You’re irritable, paranoid, not able to be comforted and yet not able to stop needing comfort.

  4. You don’t really do much, you limit your activities to those you feel okay doing.

  5. You’re exhausted by putting on a happy face and covering up your anxiety so no one knows. You feel tired and spent from the mental energy and deception this requires.

The good news, if any of these 5 things speak to you, help is available and anxiety treatment has a super high success rate. I’ve experienced it personally and see it in my private practice each week.

  • You can start with reading information online from trusted sources or medical establishments.

  • Or you can start by talking with your doctor or medical professional.

  • Or you can visit a local mental health practitioner.

Baby steps in any of these areas will help you toward feeling better and leaving the land of denial. That's not a knock...it takes one to know one!