5 Proven (by me) and Unconventional Ways to Use Meditation

5 ways to use meditation.png

enefits and Unconventional Ways to Use Meditation.

  1. To pass time in a boring meeting. Let's face it, not all meetings are created equal so when you find yourself in one that’s wasting your time, use it to get your daily meditation in. The beauty of meditation is that it is available whenever you want. If you get in the routine of focusing on your breath while keeping your eyes open, you can be looking at the person who’s speaking, be meditating, and impressing your boss for paying attention at the same time!

  2. To ease into the day when I'm tired. My routine for a while now has been to get up at 5am, feed my dog, and do my meditation (with my morning coffee. You can read about that here). On most days I am okay with that routine. Actually, it’s pretty darn good. But there are definitely days when I'm sorry I allowed my dog’s breakfast expectation to be so early! On those days, when I'm a bit sleepy and resistant to embracing the morning, my meditation time eases me into it. If I happen to lose focus on my breath and doze off, well, I get a few bonus zzzz’s and call it good.

  3. To get out of running when I don’t feel like running. Meditation has such strong scientific backing regarding its benefits that I am totally okay with substituting a long meditation for a long run. I must admit that I miss the runner’s high and the nice feeling of a physically worked out body, but other than that sometimes it is just the ticket I’m looking for!

  4. To feel like I’m kin to all the great meditating ones that came before me and all the great meditating ones that are practicing here today. I know, that is so ego-filled that it almost hurts to write...but it’s true. Sometimes the extrinsic motivation I get via comparison works for me. So I go with it. The people I most admire and aspire to be like have regular contemplative practices and, well thanks to my healthy ego, so do I.

  5. To know what I’m talking about and be better at my job. I help people overcome their anxiety. It’s my passion and my job. Awareness of our inner dialogue is key to making massive changes in this area. So, I encourage people to do this by starting a meditation practice. And because sooo many people have no desire to have a meditation practice, I need to know what I’m talking about so I can really sell it!

There you have ‘em. 5 unconventional ways to use meditation. I share them because the more creative we are in cultivating a meditation practice, the more likely we are to continue it over the long run. And over the long run is where it’s at!