1 Small But Significant Change Will Make Your Day Better

one change for anxiety.png

You tend to feel happy when things are going smoothly and feel stressed and anxious when things aren’t. You call it being in the moment or going with the flow. Both seem good on the surface but they can be a risky ways to start your day.

Fortunately, we have easy choices here. Sure we can keep our moods tied to whatever is currently going on, but like I mentioned, that leaves a lot up to chance first thing in the morning.

The easy choice we have is to either be a receiver or creator of our day. When we receive we take the road that comes most naturally to us. We wake up and see how we feel at that moment. And we react.

The better way is to be a creator.

Being a creator doesn’t come naturally because we are hard-wired to take the path of least resistance. But I’ve found 1 little change can make a profound difference in my day and think it can work for you too!

For starters, notice the first thing you think of when you wake up. For most, it is something like, “I’m so tired” or “Morning already?!?” or “I wish I had 10 more minutes…” These thoughts are normal and probably so accurate. But they also start the day off on a scarcity mentality. We’re already needing to dig ourselves out of a negative hole.

Instead, if you want to be a creator, change your first thoughts to, “I got what I needed” or “Hello new day!” or “I’ll make this a great day!” Or something like that. I’d recommend not going overboard with trying to be overly excited. After all, you are still waking up from that awesome, cozy sleepy place.

The easy key to change your day is to start with a few words that tell you, “You’ve got this!” versus starting the day with dread or from a place of not enough. A little change that will make a huge difference!