Ice Cream Flavor Intervention

I learn some of my best tricks from the clients I have worked with in the past. They'll see something or try something new and, if it works, will pass it on to me.  I consider myself very lucky in this regard AND I get to pass it on to all of you...that's like lucky squared!

The 10 Second Anti-Anxiety Trick came to me in just this fashion. My former client passed along this gem from an article in July's issue of Prevention magazine. It seemed so good and right up our alley that I couldn't resist making it July's feature. 

Here it goes. "The next time you're feeling anxious, ditch the happy beach thoughts and rattle off as many ice cream flavors as you can. The exercise leverages a technique known as "grounding", which can help bring your brain and your body back to the present. "It's a distraction technique", says Vaile Wright of the American Psychological Association. 

"It frees you from overwhelming feelings and unhealthy thoughts spinning in your head." Why ice cream instead of, say, state capitals? The familiar dessert adds a level of comfort and nostalgia, researchers say." 

Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you!