I wrote this for you.
— Eileen Purdy

Concerned that your worry and anxiety aren't disappearing the way you thought they would? Have you wanted help for your general or social anxiety but just haven't come a solution that fits into your busy lifestyle? In 30 Days to Everyday Anxiety Relief, therapist and fellow anxiety sufferer Eileen Purdy breaks down four cornerstone components of anxiety transformation and outlines daily support techniques for each.


Through informative and evidence-based tools, strategies and daily practice activities, Eileen creatively guides the way to anyone wanting some quick wins and positive momentum toward anxiety relief and renewed confidence. Readers needing an experienced hand in tackling their anxiety will discover:


·      How to retrain your brain's anxiety circuits and quiet your mental reactions

·      How to recalibrate your body's physical antenna and achieve a sense of calm

·      How to rewire for self-compassion in a pragmatic way

·      How to reframe setbacks as you continue on your path

·      How to keep the progress you've made


If you want help shifting from a life filled with constant worry and anxiety, this book is for you. 30 Days to Everyday Anxiety Relief offers tools for transformation that help you experience results that last.