Welcome! Transforming Your Anxiety Mini-Course

Effective, affordable, private 4 Week Online Course to help you stop your anxiety. 

Are you concerned that your worrying and anxiety aren't going away like you thought it would? Or maybe your anxiety is a new experience that has disrupted your sense of being ok and has you worried it is your new normal.

Have you been wanting help but just haven't known where to go or what was right for you? 

If you have been dealing with general or social anxiety by yourself for a long time, I totally get it. I suffered in my own silo for many years before reaching out.

And that is why I'm glad you are here. I created this mini-course just for you.



We can’t solve our problems with the same type of thinking that helped create them.
— Albert Einstein

Benefits You'll Start Enjoying:

✔ Regain confidence in your ability to transform your anxiety

✔ Have a greater sense of control over your reactions

✔ Wake up knowing you've got what it takes to tackle your anxiety

✔ Have go-to strategies at the ready to quiet your anxiety

✔ Get out from under the control of your repetitive, negative and fearful thoughts

✔ Stop your body's uncomfortable and scary anxiety symptoms

✔ Rework past patterns that reinforce your anxiety

✔ Handle unknown situations with ease

✔ Expand your vision of what is possible

✔ Improve and deepen your relationships

✔ End the vicious anxiety cycle in your family

✔ Love your life

What to Expect

Getting this type of help online might be new to you. It is for many people. I get feedback all the time from men and women who are surprised and relieved to find this type of information available in the privacy of their own home or on their device.

So, whether life is too busy to fit in another appointment, you don't know a therapist to go to in-person or you feel super private about your anxiety, this online mini course offers a solution that was created just for you!

This course has 30 days worth of tools, strategies, support and information to help you get on the path to total anxiety relief. Combined with your deliberate effort and practice, you will start seeing the benefits by the end of the course.

You'll start each week with an in-depth informational video focused on one of the 4 main topics:

  • ☆ Retrain Your Brain's Anxiety Circuits
  • ☆ Recalibrate Your Body's Alarm Antenna
  • ☆ Rewire For Self-Compassion
  • ☆ Reframe Setbacks

Following the weekly in-depth video, you'll receive daily emails with additional strategies, support and information to help you strengthen and sustain new habits needed to overcome your anxiety.

  • 4 videos describing the pillars of anxiety transformation
  • 4 live group calls for Q&A, Support, Accountability and Personal guidance
  • A soft-cover mini-guide and practice journal to use during the course
  • Daily emails with targeted practice for 4 weeks
  • Email support for clarifications or additional examples.

Each lesson is designed to take about 15 minutes to easily fit into your busy schedule. 

Convenient and private, this course covers the information that I use when I work with clients in my office.


What People are Saying:

★"This program was a great use of my time, and I’ve explained a few of these strategies to my kids when they’ve been anxious. These are some points I especially liked in the course:

  • Manageable time frame, both in terms of time each day and overall length of the program;
  • Lot of information, so weekly review of important points was helpful and appropriate;
  • Varied approaches - breathing, increased awareness, etc., backed by science. I loved the mindset piece;
  • Reassuring tone, not overwhelming. Your sense of humor totally came through in a really nice way;
  • Car alarm - good visual, although ignoring the "car alarm" made it louder; and
  • Self-compassion information was eye-opening. I hadn’t realized how harsh I am to myself and decided that if I wouldn’t say it to someone else then I shouldn’t say it to myself." - CB, 2/16


★"Lots of great stuff here, Eileen. I particularly like the focus on breathing and posture. I feel that it is helping as I work through these issues WITHOUT medicine this time." -JF, 2/16


★"I think my favorite tip so far is the act of labeling things as false alarm. Here are ways I've used it in last few days. 1) I was playing a physical game with some people the other day and I got anxious when I was ready to score. I said to myself false alarm about the anxiety I was feeling to perform. It just dropped the anxiety to zero. 2) I actually used that phrase with the critical voice. I was at a service counter waiting and waiting for help from a young employee. She was busy of course. Said to self false alarm when I noticed my irritation was increasing. That was a first, and it just totally discharged the frustration and improved the situation, immediately." - PM, 2/16


★"Hi Eileen, In case you like feedback - this is really helpful :-)" -CW, 2/16


★"Your course has been very helpful for me. I use your suggestions daily and they help a lot. Being a huge fan of Dr. Kubat-Zinn, I find the breathing exercises work the best for me. The "false alarms" you suggested help me to "put out fires" early avoiding the heavy anxiety attacks." - KB, 2/16

About Me:

I've been counseling and teaching for over twenty five years. I am trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) and have found variations of them to be extremely successful in helping women overcome anxiety. And I can personally vouch for them. In addition to those approaches, I am influenced by neuroscience, positive psychology, functional nutrition and self-compassion.

Throughout the years, I've worked with children, adolescents, adults and families, This diversity of experience has led me to a deeper understanding of human behavior and a library of strategies to overcome anxiety, create mental wellness, improve relationships and develop personal confidence.

When I'm not obsessing over finding ways to help people live great lives and creating pathways for long-lasting change, you can find me running on the mountain trails around my house, trying new Indian recipes, playing in our newly fenced yard with my dog Vega, reading geeky neuroscience journal articles or planning the next overseas adventure with my partner.

If you're in the greater Boulder, CO area, and you'd like some help with your anxiety in-person, I'd love to hear from you. 

Questions? Please contact me at eileen@eileen purdy.com


**If you are currently working with someone regarding your anxiety, please do not alter your treatment plan without consulting them at your next appointment. This is an online course only. If you experience an emergency, crisis, or require immediate assistance, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.**