Meditation, Mindfulness + Mala Making Workshop

Meditation, Mindfulness, Mala
Meditation, Mindfulness, Mala

Meditation, Mindfulness + Mala Making Workshop

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What: A 2 hour time-out to learn and practice meditation, mindfulness and to make personal mala bracelets.

Where: The beautiful and nurturing Alpine Botanicals

When: Saturday, September 8th from 10am-noon

Who: This particular workshop is for women only. To keep it intimate and not overwhelming, we are limiting it to 15 participants.

What to wear/bring: Comfy casual clothes, socks if your feet get cold without shoes, water and yoga mat (if you have one).

Cost: $40 which includes the workshop and your beautiful mala bracelet you make. 

Benefits of the Mini-retreat + Workshop

Let's face it, taking time for oneself is just not something most of us are good at. Whether it's to take a break and go for a walk, sit with a cup of tea and listen to your favorite playlist, or meet up with a friend for a laugh, it often gets put off or just not planned in the first place. What we are good at is doing things for others, getting a million tasks done from our to-do list and keeping our homes and busy lives going as smoothly as possible or at least just going.

Sometimes it is only when we have an 'event' on the calendar do we give ourselves permission to take time for ourselves and do things that rejuvenate our minds and bodies. Join us Saturday, September 8th from 10-noon for just this, a dose of self-care, learning and mala making to help rejuvenate your mind and body and start a meditation practice that'll continue back in your 'real world' :-)

What to expect at the Mini-retreat + Workshop 

  • After introductions and settling in, we'll start the morning learning a couple of wellness-based ways to meditate. We'll have the opportunity to practice for different periods of time and then discuss our experiences and ask questions. We'll end this section with a few minutes lying down, relaxed with chilled lavender towels on our foreheads (possibly my favorite part!)
  • Next, we'll discuss and define a helpful definition of mindfulness, how to practice it and when to be mindful. I'll talk about the barriers to mindfulness that most of us encounter and teach a few ways to overcome them.
  • Lastly we'll move on to making and using malas. I've chosen beautiful beads and embroidery thread to make these bracelets that will help us continue a practice of meditation and mindfulness when we leave the workshop. I'll teach you a brief background of malas, how we're respectfully borrowing from a traditional spiritual practice and ways to care for your mala. We'll have a short intention setting ceremony for your mala that includes creating your personal mantra and activating its energy and end with a short meditation practice with our new malas.